Entry Door Lock

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Entry door is the main attraction for viewers as they enter through that door. Along with that you would also see that the main locking and unlocking would generally happen with this entry door using entry door lock which are specifically designed to give high security features. Keeping our family members safe and secure would be our primary concern. Though we are not out of station we ensure that all the doors are locked in the night. While using entry door lock for front door which will be designed differently from other doors for attraction purpose the rest of the doors will be provided with strong iron rods that are crossed across the doors for the outsiders not to open the door.

Though the front door also can be provided with such facility generally we do not do so with a fear that the look of highly designed door will vanish and an odd appearance will come with the use of these iron bars for front door. When these entry door lock does not work properly it is the only that you are encouraging a prowler to enter into your house. So do not assume that purchasing entry door lock for your front door is any easy thing. You should do all the homework necessary before you purchase one for your front door. Remember that you can compromise on anything but not security.

Buying cheap entry door lock would be like putting yourself along with your family into risk zone which is not a wise decision to go with. While every individual will look at cost cutting, the best option for safety would be to buy excellent premium quality entry door lock for your front door. Among the several entry door lock that can be used, the mortise lock would also be a safe option for your front door. In this locking system you can see a carving that is like pocket where the locking system is installed. Mortise locks are found in older building while the recent buildings have started using the cylinder locks which are the latest model of entry door locks.

Some people claim that mortise locks would lessen the strength of the front door as a portion of it has to be carved for the lock system but this has proved several times practically that they are main protectors of your house from intruders. Though carving is not a negative feature there is a different negative aspect of this mortise lock which are commonly used as entry door lock is that they require trained professional services for installing the lock into your door. While the cylinder locks are most convenient and easy to install entry door lock can be installed by individuals themselves. 

You can find these entry door lock at various prices from any door lock hardware shop at reasonable prices affordable by common man like us. So you need worry on the cost and just think of the safety that you should plan for your family with purchasing entry door locks.